Ad Labels : Artwork

InksAll labels are produced to your design and we can handle artwork in all the popular formats.

You can send us your artwork either as an email attachment, or on CD-R, CD-RW, DVD+/-R, DVD+/-RW, floppy disc or memory card. Remember to finalise ensure your CDs and DVDs. We will return your memory cards with your orders.

When producing your artwork please provide a 2mm bleed outside the cutting line.

If you are having difficulties with designing a label, or want advice, call us and we will do our best to help you.

Notes on graphic formats

Vector graphics - CorelDraw (.cdr) and Adobe Illustrator (.ai). encapsulated postscript (.eps)

Vector graphics are the ideal way of designing artwork for printing as they can be re-sized and colours changed without any loss of definition or quality.

Produce the artwork full size allowing a 1mm bleed. Draw the cut line, either square (with sharp or rounded corners) circular, oval or following the contours of the design (CorelDraw X3 has the Create Boundary feature to help with this) using a fine stroke or hairline. When we receive your artwork we will convert this to suite our equipment.

With vector graphics there can sometimes be problems if you have used special fonts; please send the fonts with the artwork.

Adobe Illustrator version 9 and above;

When you save your artwork ensure that the “Subset fonts when percentage of characters used is less than” option is set to 100%

CorelDraw X3;

Save your artwork as normal
Create a folder to receive all the files
Select; File > Prepare For Service Bureau...
Click "Gather all files associated with this document"
Follow the on-screen instructions choosing the folder you just created
Send us the contents of this folder.

Bitmap graphics - JPEG (.jpg), PhotoPaint (.cpt), Adobe Photoshop (.psd), PDF, Windows bitmap (.bmp),.tif, .wmf etc.

With bitmap graphics (JPG, BMP etc.) produce the artwork full size at 300 dpi allowing a 1mm bleed. Do not add a cut line but tell us the dimensions, shape and style e.g. 30mm x 50mm rectangle with rounded corners, or 50mm diameter circle.

When you create PDF files save them full size. Do not over-compress any bitmap images as this may cause pixelation. Again there can be problems if you have used any special fonts so when saving the file choose either the “Embed fonts in document” or “Export text as curves” options to avoid this.


We can also handle artwork created in Word, Excel, PowerPoint or Publisher. However please be aware that we may have to rework this in CorelDraw or Illustrator so please send any bitmaps you have used as separate JPG files.