Ad Labels : self adhesive labels

Formed in 2007, at Ad-Labels we have been printing vinyl labels and stickers using top of the range digital printers ever since. The flexibility that this equipment gives, backed by our experience in graphics and image manipulation, allows us to offer a wide range of products and services.

Print Media

In addition we can offer help with designing labels and stickers and suggest the most economic layouts for printing.

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Digital printing

... gives us the flexibility to place many different designs and shapes of vinyl labels and stickers on a single sheet. It also means that if you want to make a change to a label it normally can be implemented at no additional cost.

Cut shapes and letters

The shape of the vinyl labels and stickers is not limited to standard profiles. We can produce square, rectangular, circular and oval labels and stickers at a size you want. But equally we can produce shaped vinyl labels and stickers that fit your design requirements. This allows us to produce labels and stickers on both digital vinyl and sign vinyl that could be individually cut out letters, numbers, triangles, hexagons or dodecagons – pretty much whatever you want. Request a sample sheet to see what we mean.

Self-cling labels and stickers

As well as self adhesive vinyl labels and stickers at Ad-Labels we also produce self-cling labels and stickers. These can be stuck onto any smooth surface such as glass or car bodywork and removed without leaving adhesive residue. This makes them particularly suitable for temporary stickers for cars such as car park permits, club membership and in retail for window adverts.

Individual serial numbers

The flexibility of digital printing gives us the opportunity to add individual serial numbers, parking space numbers, names and addresses and even different images to car park permits and any of our other vinyl labels and stickers at no extra cost.

Advertising banners and flags

At Ad-Labels we also produce advertising banners and flags. The banners we print on vinyl and textile materials, with brass eyelets for mounting. But for a lower cost indoor option we print heavy weight paper banners which can be used as both adverting banners and banners to celebrate birthdays, weddings and other events.

Art canvas

Ad-Label’s range of products and services doesn’t stop there. We also turn photographs into works of art by printing them onto high quality art canvas. We take your digital photographs, and look for any enhancements that could be made, such as removing red-eye. We then print the image onto art canvas and hand-stretch it over a block frame ready to hang. Alternatively we print your photos onto high grade glossy photo paper ready for you to frame.

Letterheads and business cards

In addition to vinyl labels and stickers we also print letterheads and business cards. Digital printing, and our design experience at Ad-Labels, means we are ideally suited to small businesses that may need some help with producing logos and text. Perfect for short runs of letterhead and business cards.