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Digital photos printed on canvas and photo paper

Your digital photos have a life and soul of their own and deserve to live outside of your computer.  At Ad-Labels we take your photos and print them onto high quality photo canvas and hand stretch them over a solid wood block mount frame, ready for you to hang.

We are happy to print your photos of;

They make special gifts for friends, relatives and loved ones for Christmas, birthdays, and anniversaries.

And they are simply a fun way of decorating your home with a personal touch.

Sometimes your photo doesn't turn out the way you want it to.  That's where Ad-Labels' experience comes in.  In many cases we can take your photo and turn it from a good snap into the work of art it deserves to be.

Here are some of the effects we can apply before we print your photo onto art canvas to increase its appeal;

All you have to do is send us your digital images: on CD, DVD, flash drive or memory card, or as an email attachment and we'll do the rest.

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Examples of photo art;


example stationery


example stationery